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Your Ag-Smart Production Team

AgriLife Studios is a commercial agriculture photography and video production company based in Minnesota, serving the continental US and North America.

Our core team brings top-grade shooting talent, plus experience in Brand Story message planning, storyboard development, visual concepting and design, journalistic reporting, script-writing, digital animation and cinematic film direction and editing. 

Like our ag clients and location hosts, we know something about putting in a day’s hard work. We operate with the highest professional standards, within an efficient production model, creating top-grade visual content. Our creative team is equally comfortable on farm locations, in production plants or in the studio. 

See How AgriLife Studios can Level-Up Your Media Content

AgriLife Studios.

Real production horsepower, high-impact content – in the field, or in the studio.

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AgriLife Studios Co-Founder, Shawn Nielsen

Shawn Nielsen

The creative engine of AgriLife Studios, co-founder Shawn Nielsen is a 25+ year veteran photographer who combines a passion for his craft with a fearless and relentless drive to capture the unique nature of his subjects. Shawn shoots for numerous commercial clients out of his Red Barn Studio in Rogers, Minnesota, and thrives on location capturing compelling images of farmers, factory workers and other rural life-stylers in their native habitat. 

Scott Whitman

AgriLife Studios co-founder, Scott Whitman, has a background in production agriculture and 25+ years experience using visual media in marketing and educational communications to tell stories that move people. As a writer, photographer, producer and story facilitator, Scott helps AgriLife Studios’ clients plan and produce visual content to tell their unique brand stories with relevance and technical accuracy. 

AgriLife Studios Co-Founder - Scott Whitman

AgriLife Studios Co-Founder, Scott Whitman

Scott Regan, Cinematographer

Scott Regan, a world-travelling commercial and documentary cinematographer based in Northfield, Minnesota, joined the AgriLife Studios team in 2016 serving as cinematographer, director and editor on a number of client productions and AgriLife promotional videos. Scott is a location production daredevil and professed technical video geek, who’s been skydiving and ice skating with his subjects, ridden atop grain trucks and tractors with his rigged cinema camera, and piloted drones in pursuit of combines, cows and the epic aerial landscape. Since 2008, Scott has been shooting commercials, series, and branded content for a range of agencies, production companies, and corporate clients all over the world. Scott’s work with AgriLfie Studios has included multiple productions for ADM, Minnesota Corn Growers, Wyffels Hybrids, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance and Iowa Premium Beef. His non-ag standout clients include: Best Buy, Target, 3M, Arby’s, Red Bull, United Health Group, Boston Scientific, Procter & Gamble, and Buffalo Wild Wings, among others.

Scott Regan, Cinematographer

AgriLife Studios Cinematographer, Scott Regan

Trent Hilborn, Editor

AgriLife Studios designated editing mastermind, Trent Hilborn, is a true wizard in the art of weaving a story. It’s no surprise then, that he’s also an Emmy® award-winning freelance director. Trent’s work reflects his passion to explore, influence, spark and uncover. Trent has directed for notable brands such as Otterbox, YMCA, 3M, Target, American Express and more. He has also directed and produced a variety of independent short films, including the award-winning short: A Friendly Encounter. Trent’s credits with AgriLife Studios include numerous productions for ADM, National Corn Growers, Wyffels Hybrids and Iowa Premium Beef, among others, including a pilot for The WaterMain (American Public Media). Trent resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


AgriLife Studios Editor, Trent Hilborn