Harvest photo shoot image editing

AgriLife Studios is a commercial agriculture photography and video production company based in Minnesota, serving the continental US and North America. Our “bread and butter” is creating brand-smart content through farm-smart production. We know and love food and agriculture communications and media production.

Farm-smart means we know how to work with producers, in rhythm with their operation.

Most of us grew up in the ag world. We know something about putting in a day’s hard work, and we take pride in doing a job right. We operate efficiently, within a small production footprint, capturing compelling visual content while striving to make the process enjoyable. Our creative team is equally comfortable on farm locations, in production plants or in the studio. We maintain a tightly run set, but don’t mind getting our boots and hands dirty. We’re a collaborative team of talented multi-taskers, each wearing several hats. Everyone shares the load. We operate on block coffee and hearty hometown cafe cooking, and nobody sits in their fancy trailer – unless it’s a stock trailer, and we need the shot! 

Brand-smart means when it comes to creative storytelling, we deliver more horsepower than your average production crew.

Our core team brings top-grade shooting talent, plus experience in Brand Story message planning, storyboard development, visual concepting and design, journalistic reporting, script-writing, digital animation and cinematic film direction and editing. 

Ultimately, our goal is to help you tell your story with authenticity, passion and impact, to represent agriculture – and your brand – in the best possible light.

Where it began – Building Custom Agriculture Content Libraries

We launched AgriLife Studios in 2006, fueled by a desire to create custom agriculture media with meaty content and sizzling visuals. We love to collaborate with creative teams like yours to produce exclusive images that uniquely tell your story.

That same passion has driven us to build an exclusive library of top-grade creative images – both still photography and video – to serve the demands of a discerning and dynamic agriculture industry. 

The AgriLife Studios Team


The creative engine of AgriLife, Shawn is always pushing the edge. He combines a passion for his craft with a fearless and relentless drive to capture the unique essence of his subject, whether it’s a 3rd-generation Minnesota corn grower, a bunch of calves on a Wyoming ranch or a field of sweet organic strawberries in California. Shawn thrives on location, and is a master of the environmental portrait, capturing the farmer or factory worker in his native habitat. Shawn lives and works with his wife, Cristine, and four kids on their hobby farm near Rogers, MN.


An ag communications geek with an eye for imagery, Scott brings a technical ag perspective to creative brand media production. Scott has a background in production agriculture and in providing communications and marketing services for clients across the spectrum of the food, fiber and bio-products industry. His role at AgriLife Studios is to help clients find or create images (still and video) to fit their unique brand marketing needs, and to provide technical oversight so that every image we provide – stock or custom – is on message, relevant and technically accurate. Scott hails from Wyoming, and currently works from his home in Dayton, MN, where he rides herd on two great kids and enjoys sharing life with his wife, Teri.